Tips in Buying Designer Shoes

Besides bags and purses, shoes are items that women cannot have enough of. In fact, a woman cannot have too many pairs of shoes. Some even have a pair in each color for every outfit. Others who can afford to spend so much have a specific pair for every outfit that they have. Celebrities even have one for every outfit that they have worn on the red carpet of awards nights and premieres.

But for people who can only afford to purchase a couple of pairs that they will be wearing for most of the outfits in their closets, they will have to choose pairs that are versatile and at the same time stylish enough not to be considered out of mode.
Below are some tips in choosing shoes that look like designer shoes but have no designer prices.Choose leather

Although buying real leather can be more expensive than buying synthetic leather, the cost will be much cheaper in the long run because leather is more long lasting. You can actually use a pair of leather shoes for a long long time. Just make sure that you store them properly, in areas where it will not be moistened as real leather can become home to molds.

Choose the classic

You don’t have to buy Ferragamo or Jimmy Choo to look good. There are designs that will look just as expensive without being really costly. Because you cannot really buy every design in the store, just choose classic designs that will fit your wardrobe.

Choose the fit

Designer shoes may look designer on the shelves but when you wear them, the shoes are not as great looking anymore. There are pairs like these. This does not mean that the design is not beautiful, the cut and the style just does not fit the structure and form of your feet.

Remember that like body types and face shapes, there are cuts and styles that will fit your feet. Choose the design that does not only look classy but also the one that will make your feet look like a million bucks.

Choose the material

Shoes need not be designer especially when you are going to wear them in rough streets and pavements. Remember that designer shoes may have delicate designs such as glass heels and bead works that may not withstand a walk downtown. When buying shoes, make sure that the material and the kind of design will fit your lifestyle and work.

Chloe Handbags Functional Style

It’s a crime to create without substantial purpose and purpose is that which supports meaning to man’s creations. Bags are made to serve, to secure items of any importance in one easy grip. This role, however, is only one of the faces of today’s tangible items. What races this role to the top of the charts is this little thing called style. Style, the creed of fashion has become a necessity to the commercial world.

A bag (or anything, in fact) must be practical but no less undignified. Handbags must bear a little part of the world in timeless beauty and satisfactory function – an objective of the Chloe handbag, one that is bred to take the challenge.

For the past year, Chloe has once again revolutionized the fashion industry with the introduction of their signature Chloe handbags, the Paddington and the Silverado. The Paddington handbag became the ‘it’ bag during the 2005 fall season. It boasts brass buckle straps and a large brass padlock with a key strung to the Chloe name in a leather band. The rich calfskin leather adequately holds items in its practical roomy interior, side pockets, and don’t forget the narrow pocket for a mobile phone.

This three-pound Chloe handbag is distinctly slouchy and collapses at the weight of its own hardware due to the leather’s superb quality that’s soft and buttery. It’s functional, scratch resistant and has proven to be very durable. The Paddington comes in chocolate, red, camel, electric cobalt blue and the hard to get blue nuit. If you’re looking for spacious interiors, style and substance, this Chloe handbag spells it all out in big letters.

This Parisienne house of design, have graced runway after runway with the French taste since 1956 and hasn’t stopped there. Chloe has since, providing women with ready to wear fashion spelled in edge, luxury and style. The Chloe handbag emanates the glory of has its quintessential French style. Chloe Design house has been walking out the runway by a few of fashion’s greatest such as Karl Lagerfeld and Martine Sitbon.

Since 1997, Chloe has been a mixture of classic and rock with the creative direction of Stella McCartney followed by a young newcomer, Phoebe Philo in 2001. Since Philo, the Chloe collection has changed into a more casual and less expensive line of women’s fashion. Chloe handbags are made for the revolutionary woman as this collection remains standing tall among the world’s top designers.

Designer Purse

Fashion has been an integral part of mankind ever since the first civilizations started dressing in their traditional attire. Over the years, fashion accessories have developed to add the extra bit of glamour and style to our lives. Of these, purses have been the most popular ones.

A purse is a small bag usually used to carry money, keys, makeup and other essential items. The concept of a purse has evolved over the years. The first purses were restricted to being utility oriented carrying pouches. As the years progressed, these handy bags combined fashion with utility. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, purses became a standard part of a lady’s attire, whether casual, workday wear or a formal, elegant evening gown.

Today designer purses are in vogue. These items are some of the most sought after accessories by fashion conscious women around the world. These bags add that extra zing to ones wardrobe as against a common handbag. Purses come in a wide variety and tend to compliment almost every type of attire. Designer purses are primarily characterized by a famous brand name. DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Burberry are some famous brands that make designer purses.Apart from an upscale brand name, these purses are noted for their quality and design. Designer purses are durable and long lasting in nature. Their designs can feature anything from different colors and hues to sequins, beads, embroidery or even jewelry. Regardless of the selection of design, these purses offer elegant styles that fit every occasion.

Unarguably, the most distinctive feature of all designer purses is their price. The style and glamour comes at a price, hence most of these purses are beyond the reach of a common woman. Moreover, many would consider spending such huge amounts on a purse as impractical. When picking a designer purse, one should also consider the functionality aspect. Despite their high price, designer purses attract thousands of buyers each year, making it a very lucrative industry.

Vintage Clothing Secrets

Vintage ClothingVintage clothing has been making waves for some time now and people are finding this sweet change something good. It’s the rave not only in the underground fashion scene but also in the mainstream of fashion. Young and old alike have found many ways of taking advantage of this hot new fad and create a style that is their own. There are a million reasons for people to get on and ride the bandwagon of change and it all starts by taking time off and discovering what we have in our closets that we could pass off as vintage clothing.

One question that lingers in the air though is what clothes can we call vintage and are those that just won’t cut it. Let’s all take a closer look at what makes vintage clothing and what are those that are just not part of the boat.

What makes vintage true vintage? One thing that we can’t just do is to put on any old clothes and call it vintage. There are a dozen of reasons why, one of those reasons is that not all clothes that were worn by our ancestors can be called vintage because some of them are just plain old clothes. To get a good idea what is vintage clothing in your wardrobe we first have to get an idea from the experts. Reading magazines and internet websites or blogs would give you an idea of what the fashion gurus are calling vintage. One of the true vintage clothes that we can never go wrong with according to experts is a good pair of faded jeans.Vintage ClothingOne good pair of worn out jeans can have that vintage effect that we are looking for. To be precise of how vintage jeans would look like, check and see if you can still wear it. Now another thing to look for is how faded those jeans are. More faded is better, just remember that it just needs to be faded not worn out of shape (that’s a different story altogether, now they are just old and unusable).

Make your own vintage. Another way of getting your hands on vintage clothing is by making your own vintage clothes. Sounds scary and complicated but trust me; it’s actually easier than it sounds. Fading clothes and jeans on purpose is a lot easier when you know exactly how to do it. One sure fire way of achieving that faded vintage look is by bleaching.

A good amount of bleach would fade any clothes in seconds. Just be careful how much time and amount of bleach you use so you don’t ruin your clothes. Another good way is by stone washing your clothes. It’s a little harder than bleaching and you might need some help on this, but the good thing is that there are a lot of references on the subject online and in forums. Go online and search for methods and techniques for stone washing and your bound to run in to some pretty interesting stuff along the way.

After knowing how to make your clothes look like they are old enough to be 50 years old, try your hand at selling your creations. The good thing about vintage clothing is that there are lots of other people that are also interested in it and with making it.

Silk Clothing – The Ultimate in Femininity

Silk Clothing If you look up the word ‘feminine’ in the Oxford English Dictionary, you will find the following definition: “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.” In the fashion world, many different styles and looks are described as feminine.

Some consider a skimpy, body-hugging dress and high heels as the very apex of femininity while others consider this to be a smart business suit or even a trailing gypsy skirt matched up with Doc Marten boots. The only feminine link for these disparate styles is softness. The feminine is all about any article of clothing that brings out an air of softness and airy qualities.

While the feminine look is comprised of various different elements, the three most significant are fabric, color and style. Some fabrics, such as denim, cotton and canvas have a rougher texture. Unless they are combined with other lighter materials, they lack femininity being, instead utilitarian and associated with work clothing.

Silk Clothing At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have silk clothing. Its delicate, shimmering, flowing qualities simply spill over with femininity. It is not only how it appears but also the sensuous way it feels when placed against your skin

While every color of the palette, including pale pastel pink, find their way into both men and women’s apparel, color is still a significant way of defining what is and what is not feminine. Yet, there is a proviso. A color may be feminine not in and of itself but may come across as such on a specific wearer. Coloring of each individual is responsible for this.

For example, if you have dark skin tones and hair, you can look feminine wearing dark colors such as navy blue or even the so-called hot colors like bright pink and orange. This is not true for women with paler skin and light-colored hair.

Silk ClothingAs for fit – skin tight clothing may accentuate the womanly curves of a female’s body, but they do not emphasize the delicate nature of feminine. They do not have the floating or flowing look achieved by wearing such garments as silk blouses or silk tops. Silk tops, silk tunics and silk blouses can all be hand washed. They have a durability that lasts. Moreover, silk clothing has both an airiness and lightness that makes the wearer appear as delicate as a china doll.

The extremely attractive designs featured on silk tops and blouses also play an enormous role in creating their extremely feminine appeal. Foremost among these are the exquisite floral patterns. These completely distinctive designs are hand painted directly on to the 100% pure silk fabric. It efficiently absorbs the colorfast dyes.

As a result, the colors become a fundamental component of the article of clothing and never compromise the gentleness of the natural cloth or have an effect on how it drapes and falls. With every movement the wearer takes, the silk blouse or top flows, lightly caressing the skin, making her appear as fragile as a butterfly and as feminine as possible.

Interested in silk scarves, or shawls? Visit to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls perfect for accessorizing or for giving as a unique gift.

Vintage Clothing Tips

Vintage Clothing TipsVintage clothing is the hottest thing that came to the shores of fashion since the leather jacket. People from all walks of life have been searching high and low for the best find in vintage clothing. From celebrities that shine on Hollywood to the common folk that run up and the streets everyday, they are finding common ground when it comes the kind of clothes they want on their back.

It is not really hard to find vintage clothing nowadays. There are a lot of good sources of vintage clothing almost everywhere now. Thrift shops are one good place to find vintage clothing. There are a good number of selections that will greet you in a thrift shop. Though most of the items here are not that “vintage” and dates back to the recent years, it’s still worth trying to get a good look in to. One of the things you have to remember though when you are in a thrift shop is to be ready for the different kinds of clothes you have to rummage through. Since the items are just stocked by the different kinds, expect yourself spending a good number of hours looking through all their items.

Another good place to look is a second hand store. Here your chances of running into a piece of vintage clothing are far better than anywhere else. This is the place where people dig in to find rare items that are considered gems of vintage fashion. Don’t forget to wash them though who knows what you could get. Other places like a surplus corner, a garage sale, specialty stores and even antique shops are good places to find vintage clothing. There are other places where you can get vintage clothing, all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and your cash ready because you may never know what you might find and how rare it is.Vintage Clothing TipsAside from looking for your pieces it’s also important to know exactly what image or style you want to project, so there are key considerations like how vintage is your style, who are you trying to look like, key pieces for your look and new school used with vintage twist. Let’s look into that a bit more.

How vintage do you want to get- It’s important to know exactly how vintage do you want to get. When we talk about vintage these are the styles dating back from the 1920’s to the 1980’s, so hitting the right year for your look is important. Mixing and matching pieces from the same year or era is the best way to go.

Find an example- Just like drawing a portrait, dressing up vintage also needs an example. Try a look around in magazines or on the internet for a person that you could pattern your style after until the time you are comfortable enough to experiment on your own style.

Find your pieces- Make a list of the pieces that you would need to get that vintage look that you want. You have to remember the places where you can get your vintage clothes.

New school vintage- Mixing the old and the new is one good way of integrating the new styles that we have with the vintage clothing that are so in demand today.

Grab One of Kate Spade Purses

Kate Spade PursesWomen who want to make a fashion statement with their handbag purse don’t need to look beyond Kate Spade purses. And judging from the rising popularity of Kate Spade’s ever growing line of creations, many women have discovered this gem of a designer.

Starting out with her classic nylon handbag which began her first collection, Kate Spade has increased her line of products to include perfume, clothes, sunglasses, luggage, baby items and accessories such as wallets, cosmetic cases, hats and scarves, hair and pet (yes, pet) accessories, to name a few.

Emphasizing geometric shapes in textiles and patterns, Kate Spade purses are a classic addition to every handbag lovers’ collection. These purses were created with the confident woman in mind.

With its modern, dynamic look, a Kate Spade purse calls attention to every woman who dons one, whether she is carrying the classic nylon, a handbag from the attractive baskets line or a leather or fabric purse; even a purse from the elegant wedding collection.

Although not as exorbitantly priced as other designers’ creations, Kate Spade purses can be expensive for some women. You’ll have to pay anywhere from hundreds of dollars and up to have the pleasure of owning an authentic Kate Spade purse, available from many retail stores around the world.

Kate Spade PursesStill, if you’re a fashion conscious handbag collector, you’ll want too add a Kate Spade handbag to your collection. But if you can’t afford the high price and don’t mind owning a fake Kate Spade purse, there are many online stores that offer designer handbag knockoffs—not that I’m encouraging you to take this route because there may be pitfalls. No doubt, too, you may find Kate Spade purse replicas on eBay. Remember, though: Buyer Beware.

There are also online retailers that offer discounted designer purses and you’ll probably find Kate Spade purses among them. Keep in mind, though, that there are dishonest retailers out there who will advertise authentic designer purses at discount prices but you may not get what you pay for.

Whether you’re shopping for a purse to match your designer suit for work, or one to complement an outfit for a special evening out, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to select one from the variety of Kate Spade purses.



Platform Shoes Popular Trendy And Comfortable

Platform ShoesWomen love shoes and most of all believe there’s no such thing as too many shoes. True, they protect your feet from sharp objects and dirt, but shoes go beyond mere function. Shoes can be regarded as fashion accessories as well. What’s a great outfit without great shoes?

Trendy and Comfortable

If shoes have a down side, it’s lack of comfort. Women traditionally squeeze their feet into the most painful of shoes for the sake of looking good. Well! Believe it or not, there is a genre of shoes that not only make your legs look great, but complement almost any outfit and – ta-da – are comfortable. This paragon of shoe virtues is the platform shoe.

Platform ShoesPlatform shoes first showed up as a fashion statement in the mid-1970s. They became instant hits, at first because they were an absolutely cool look, previously unknown in fashionisto memory. The shoes were featured in every top fashion magazine and found everywhere, from Paris runways to the very smallest rural town shoe shop. A shoe shop that did not carry platform shoes was a shoe shop destined for failure.

Now, most avant garde shoe styles don’t last long – here today, out next season, or at least by next year. Platform shoes were the rage for several years before shoe designers tired of them, longing for a change in styling. How did the love of platforms last so long?

Platform ShoesThe reason is simple: platform shoes are unbelievably comfortable. You can literally walk in comfort for miles in such a shoe, with nary a peep of a complaint from your tootsies. The soles have a delicately but sturdily etched pattern with the traction of a snow tire. With your foot and stockings several inches above a rainy street, you sprint along through puddles with dry feet. No slipping or squishing.

The last of the platform shoe curves gently upward, from 2-3 inches above ground at the toe, to several inches at the heel. Therefore, the shoe, rather than your foot, does most of the work in creating the long-legged look so attractive to the opposite sex. Rubbery one-piece plastic was a typical heel material, so these shoes last for years without repair.

Platform ShoesThe uppers are made of every material and style found in conventional shoes. Styling runs the gamut, from beachwear sandals to a night at the theater. You can wear them with jeans or with a fabulous beaded designer dress. Unlike any other genre of shoes, platform shoes are universally adaptable to any fashion requirement.

Like any classic, platform shoes are, thankfully, currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity with today’s women. If you weren’t around in the 70s, you simply must try a pair. You’ll soon own dozens of pairs!

Styles of Thigh High Boots

Thigh High BootsA new and fabulous trend of today’s fashion world is the thigh high boots. These fun and creative boots will give women the freedom to dress with an edge and give off a hot vibe. You can wear these awesome boots with just about anything and they are not made for just one kind of person. Anyone can take on a pair of these boots and feel wild in them.

Thigh High Boots Hot Hot Item

Thigh high boots are starting to hit all of the hottest stores. In most areas, you can find a pair in your shopping mall or major department stores.

Thigh high bootsWhile these boots are defiantly not made for walking, they are made to make any man fall to his knees with infatuation. These boots will give any woman the ability to make a man do anything that she wants for him. A woman that wears these boots will have power like she has never had before.

If you are in an area that does not support the thigh high boot fashion yet, there is still hope for you. You will be able to get a great pair of these boots online or buy catalog. You do not have to go without these hot and creative boots just because your local mall has not caught up to the fashion times. You will find all kinds of great stores online that carry these wonderful creations.

Thigh high bootsWhen you go online to find the pair of thigh high boots for you, there will be an abundance of styles. There are all different kinds of colors, lengths, heel styles and so much more. You will find that choosing just one is going to be the hardest part of the deal. You will see that there is so many that would fit your lifestyle. You can feel free to browse and pick, as you like.

Thigh high boots will have different heel heights, and styles. You can choose the one that is most comfortable to you. There will be stiletto heels that will turn you into a goddess when you wear them, or you will find the safer styles with the thicker and chunkier heel. They will be a lot better for the women that want to wear their thigh high boots for more occasions that are conservative.

Thigh high bootsThese thigh high boots are also found in many materials as well. There is the all leather made ones, fabric ones, even the ones that look like shinny plastic. You will be able to choose the material that is most comfortable both to your body and to your personality.

Putting on a pair of thigh high boots will give you the sensation that you have been looking for. A pair of boots like this will put you right into the lead in fashion when you put them on. You will feel safe, sexy and confident every time you glide your foot in and pull up that zipper.


High-heeled Shoes A Girls Best Fashion Friend.

 High-heeled ShoesPerhaps it’s the added height that makes women feel elegant or maybe just because men seem to appreciate the look. Whatever the reason, women are shoe freaks. Shorter heels are for comfort, but tall heels are meant to be admired. So how do you choose a heel height?

A recent survey showed that among women who wore high heels, most chose a 5 inch heel. Why?

For one thing, there’s a practical aspect. A 5 inch heel is about 16% shorter than its 6 inch counterpart. This means the bottom of your foot is 1/6 closer to the ground! Walking in high heels is not easy. The 5 inch heel can make the difference between walking gracefully or taking a spill.

 High-heeled ShoesOther considerations are mostly vanity, but every woman likes to look her best. A long thin heel plays up a shapely leg, stretching the leg muscles, giving a lithe appearance.

The most popular heel today is the stilleto, recommended for those with good balance. A 5 inch heel will do the trick, for both admiring looks and walking purposes. At least with the young, the stiletto rules. It’s the Business heel of shoe fashion.

Going to an interview or power lunch? Pair some 5 inch heels with an elegant pantsuit. You get height and an elegant and confident demeanor. Platforms are a good choice as you’ll have no problem walking in them for extended periods of time.

High heels are all for effect. Every woman wants to look just a bit more shapely, taller, thinner or more voluptuous than she is already. Who can blame her?

High heels can be worn to advantage with just about any ensemble. The growing trend of high heels with jeans is one example. Great with pantsuits, short and long dresses or even with shorts. If you’re going to the beach, just bite the bullet and get out your sneakers.

If you haven’t the confidence or balance to manage the stiletto, give the spike a try. The last shape is not so extreme as the stiletto. A 5 inch heel is again recommended, if only for the safety factor. Spike heels echo the enchanting times of classic Old Hollywood. The curvy heel compliments the curvy female form in a voluptuous effect. Ha! No man can resist this imagery.

 High-heeled ShoesAt the other end of the high heel spectrum is the chunky heel. Now you might think this the one you wear hiking. On the contrary, men enjoy variety. The large chunky heel, by contrast, makes you look more petite. Its’ squareness serves to accentuate your curves. Men even think these chunky heels make women look “cute”.

If you have a thing for shoes, there are more than enough choices. From stilettos to chunks, there’s a fashion high heel that will be just right for every piece of clothing in your closet. If that shoe isn’t in your closet, you may have to go shopping.