Silk Clothing – The Ultimate in Femininity

Silk Clothing If you look up the word ‘feminine’ in the Oxford English Dictionary, you will find the following definition: “having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.” In the fashion world, many different styles and looks are described as feminine.

Some consider a skimpy, body-hugging dress and high heels as the very apex of femininity while others consider this to be a smart business suit or even a trailing gypsy skirt matched up with Doc Marten boots. The only feminine link for these disparate styles is softness. The feminine is all about any article of clothing that brings out an air of softness and airy qualities.

While the feminine look is comprised of various different elements, the three most significant are fabric, color and style. Some fabrics, such as denim, cotton and canvas have a rougher texture. Unless they are combined with other lighter materials, they lack femininity being, instead utilitarian and associated with work clothing.

Silk Clothing At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have silk clothing. Its delicate, shimmering, flowing qualities simply spill over with femininity. It is not only how it appears but also the sensuous way it feels when placed against your skin

While every color of the palette, including pale pastel pink, find their way into both men and women’s apparel, color is still a significant way of defining what is and what is not feminine. Yet, there is a proviso. A color may be feminine not in and of itself but may come across as such on a specific wearer. Coloring of each individual is responsible for this.

For example, if you have dark skin tones and hair, you can look feminine wearing dark colors such as navy blue or even the so-called hot colors like bright pink and orange. This is not true for women with paler skin and light-colored hair.

Silk ClothingAs for fit – skin tight clothing may accentuate the womanly curves of a female’s body, but they do not emphasize the delicate nature of feminine. They do not have the floating or flowing look achieved by wearing such garments as silk blouses or silk tops. Silk tops, silk tunics and silk blouses can all be hand washed. They have a durability that lasts. Moreover, silk clothing has both an airiness and lightness that makes the wearer appear as delicate as a china doll.

The extremely attractive designs featured on silk tops and blouses also play an enormous role in creating their extremely feminine appeal. Foremost among these are the exquisite floral patterns. These completely distinctive designs are hand painted directly on to the 100% pure silk fabric. It efficiently absorbs the colorfast dyes.

As a result, the colors become a fundamental component of the article of clothing and never compromise the gentleness of the natural cloth or have an effect on how it drapes and falls. With every movement the wearer takes, the silk blouse or top flows, lightly caressing the skin, making her appear as fragile as a butterfly and as feminine as possible.

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