Silk Long Underwear vs. Thermal

Vintage ClothingThermal long underwear has long been the favorite of campers and of people living in a cold weather climate. This is because thermal long underwear is stretchy, comfortable, and does not create any discernible extra bulk under clothing. It also does a good job of trapping in heat. But what about silk long underwear?

Silk Long Underwear Is It a Viable Alternative.

Most people do not purchase silk long underwear for two reasons: one is because it is considerably more rare than thermal long underwear. Few people know that any other fabric is even used for long underwear. The other reason why silk long underwear isn’t as popular is because of the expense. Silk is considerably more expensive than thermal fabrics, often costing as much as $100 for a single pair of thermal underwear – as opposed to about $15 for regular long johns.

Vintage ClothingWhat are the benefits of silk? One of the biggest benefits is the fabric itself, which possibly has more tactile appeal than any other fabric due to its smoothness. Another big benefit of silk long underwear is that it traps heat well. Thermals will also do this, too, but silk will trap even more body heat, which is crucial if you are planning a long outdoor outing during the winter. The last benefit of silk long johns is that they can easily and comfortably double as pajamas.

So what should you purchase – silk long underwear or thermal long underwear? If your primary concern is comfort, silk may be the better option, as it will keep you warmer and feel better against your skin. If you’re strapped for cash, you can always look for a lower quality silk. But if you’re more concerned with price, you should probably opt for a cheaper thermal fabric.