Vintage Clothing Tips

Vintage Clothing TipsVintage clothing is the hottest thing that came to the shores of fashion since the leather jacket. People from all walks of life have been searching high and low for the best find in vintage clothing. From celebrities that shine on Hollywood to the common folk that run up and the streets everyday, they are finding common ground when it comes the kind of clothes they want on their back.

It is not really hard to find vintage clothing nowadays. There are a lot of good sources of vintage clothing almost everywhere now. Thrift shops are one good place to find vintage clothing. There are a good number of selections that will greet you in a thrift shop. Though most of the items here are not that “vintage” and dates back to the recent years, it’s still worth trying to get a good look in to. One of the things you have to remember though when you are in a thrift shop is to be ready for the different kinds of clothes you have to rummage through. Since the items are just stocked by the different kinds, expect yourself spending a good number of hours looking through all their items.

Another good place to look is a second hand store. Here your chances of running into a piece of vintage clothing are far better than anywhere else. This is the place where people dig in to find rare items that are considered gems of vintage fashion. Don’t forget to wash them though who knows what you could get. Other places like a surplus corner, a garage sale, specialty stores and even antique shops are good places to find vintage clothing. There are other places where you can get vintage clothing, all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and your cash ready because you may never know what you might find and how rare it is.

Vintage Clothing TipsAside from looking for your pieces it’s also important to know exactly what image or style you want to project, so there are key considerations like how vintage is your style, who are you trying to look like, key pieces for your look and new school used with vintage twist. Let’s look into that a bit more.

How vintage do you want to get- It’s important to know exactly how vintage do you want to get. When we talk about vintage these are the styles dating back from the 1920’s to the 1980’s, so hitting the right year for your look is important. Mixing and matching pieces from the same year or era is the best way to go.

Find an example- Just like drawing a portrait, dressing up vintage also needs an example. Try a look around in magazines or on the internet for a person that you could pattern your style after until the time you are comfortable enough to experiment on your own style.

Find your pieces- Make a list of the pieces that you would need to get that vintage look that you want. You have to remember the places where you can get your vintage clothes.

New school vintage- Mixing the old and the new is one good way of integrating the new styles that we have with the vintage clothing that are so in demand today.